Alaskan Bear Unwinds In Personal Pool (Funny)

Alaskan Bear Unwinds In Personal Pool (Funny)


Alaskan Bear Unwinds In Personal Pool (Funny)


A black bear in Alaska was captured taking a bath in his own personal pool earlier this month. It almost looks as if this bear is relaxing in a hot tub after a long day of strenuous activity, doesn’t it?

Take a look for yourself.

“Occurred on June 4, 2022 / Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, USA- A bear wallow I had discovered and placed a camera on.”

I like to think that this bear just finished up a long day of work and needed some peaceful relaxation time. He climbs into his personal pool, takes some deep breaths, begins meditating, and unwinds from the day’s stresses.

He then gets out of the tub, takes a big sh*t, and submits himself to resuming the daily tasks he’s burdened with for survival.

All in a day’s work for this average bear.

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