Snowboarder Gets Chewed Out For Running Into Ski Patroller (Watch)

Snowboarder Gets Chewed Out For Running Into Ski Patroller (Watch)


Snowboarder Gets Chewed Out For Running Into Ski Patroller (Watch)


It’s June 27th but that’s not stopping me from searching the bowels of the internet for funny skiing and snowboarding videos. The video below was posted to YouTube back in 2013, and I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t seen it before.

It was captured by a snowboarder who collided with an unsuspecting ski patroller somewhere in the Lake Tahoe area. I’ll let the video roll from here and provide some commentary afterwards.

I don’t want to ruin it… 😂

There’s A LOT to unpack here, but let’s start with the elephant in the room. The snowboarder was clearly in the wrong here. The ski patroller was downhill, and the snowboarder should have given way for him.

With that being said, the patroller’s reaction was f*cking hilarious. First off, did anybody else notice that he nearly takes out a skier when he throws his poles?

Second, the throwing of his gloves was a bit much right? I don’t think he wanted to start a fight, but he’s lucky that the snowboarder wasn’t a bit more aggro or else he could have had a legitimate fight on his hands.

Third, I love how he gets all high and mighty like mistakes aren’t made on the mountain. Was the snowboarder in the wrong? Yes. Was it pretty bad that he took out a ski patroller? Yes. Does that give the patroller to act like he’s king of the mountain and start railing this dude who made a mistake? No.

Lastly, I cracked up at how the patroller backed-off taking the snowboarder’s pass when he said he was military.

This whole video is just pure comedy. Thank god for GoPros.

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