Mountain Lion Family Feasts On Deer (Watch)

Mountain Lion Family Feasts On Deer (Watch)


Mountain Lion Family Feasts On Deer (Watch)


Two well-placed trail cams captured a family of four mountain lions feasting on the carcass of a dead buck deer in Alberta, Canada.

Check out the amazing footage below. It’s so cool to watch animals behave in their natural habitat through the lens of a trail camera.

Blazing Trails Blog Videos: “This series of clips were taken by two of my game cameras on a cougar kill mostly between 9/22/19 and 9/27/19 near Bragg Creek Alberta. A family of four cougars had taken down a buck deer and I was lucky enough to find the kill before they started feeding on it. I was also crazy enough to go back down to the site to place the cameras and even go back and re-aim one of them. Like most Canadians I don’t own a gun so I took my chainsaw with a new chain, LOL. There is lots of wildlife in this area and cougars are extremely common. The camera closest to the kill was my Browning Spec Ops Extreme which is my best camera. True 1080p. The second camera is a Bushnell TrophyCam Essentials model. It is 720p but is really good at night shots. I own two of these. Please check out my other wildlife videos and subscribe if you like.”

Video uploaded by Blazing Trails Blog Videos to YouTube.

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