Anybody else afraid of birds?

No? Just me? Let me explain…

Birds are extremely unpredictable. I mean, how can you trust an animal that can fly? Think about it. Birds can just flap their feathery arms and literally fly away into the air. That type of freedom surely gives them an inflated ego.

There’s a reason Alfred Hitchcock chose ‘The Birds’ as the subject for his classic thriller film, and not ‘The Turtles’, ya know?

Anyways… enough of my ramblings. Enjoy this video of a paraglider interacting with a vulture high above the ground below.

The video is an example of┬á‘parahawking’┬áwhere a paraglider uses a trained bird of prey to guide them to thermals.┬áThermals are a mass of buoyant rising air that will lift the paraglider for a longer flight.

I wish the video was a random occurrence, that would certainly make for quite the viral internet video, but I still think it’s cool.

Just don’t expect me to start trusting birds anytime soon.