The Abus Montrailer Quin is a ‘smart helmet’ that could save lives in serious mountain biking crashes.

The helmet is fitted with a sensor that uses an advanced algorithm to determine if the wearer has been in a serious crash while mountain biking.

If the helmet detects that the wearer has seriously crashed, it immediately sends a notification to the wearer’s emergency contacts with their location.

This product could be game changing for backcountry and off-trail rescue teams when locating injured bikers in dire situations.

Check out this product tutorial video from Global Mountain Bike Network. It’s a little bit cheesy, but it provides a great demonstration for how useful this new technology could be in real-life scenarios.

I would love to see this technology available in skiing and snowboarding helmets someday. I also wonder if something similar could be created to immediately alert local search and rescue teams when a skier or rider has been caught in an avalanche?

Think of how many lives could be saved with even quicker and more precise rescue efforts!

Here’s another video demonstration on the Abus Montrailer Quinn.

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