WATCH: Orca Swims Under Kayaker

WATCH: Orca Swims Under Kayaker


WATCH: Orca Swims Under Kayaker


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One of my new favorite subsets of YouTube videos is oddly specific, but I think you’ll understand why I enjoy it once I explain.

Watching kayakers encounter orcas (killer whales) off the coast of British Columbia, CA is downright fascinating. I’m always blown away by just how close the kayakers get to the whales.

Is this fascination a little bit childish? Maybe. Am I trying to escape the harsh challenges of my own reality by wishing I was kayaking with orcas in the Pacific Ocean? Probably. Do I care if you think my fascinating is dumb? No. (That’s a lie. I actually kind of do…)

Anyways, I’ll let you get to the video! Hope you enjoy this quick encounter as much as I did!

“Occurred on May 26, 2022 / Vancouver Island, Canada Two kayakers on a 2-month expedition to Alaska had an encounter with a pod of Killer Whales. One swam right under the boat and ‘bumped’ him.”

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