A snowboarder jumped over a kid who fell right in front of him on a beginner run at Okemo, and the kid’s dad was getting ready to chuck some knucks before tempers cooled.

He seems to be in control, and was just keeping a little bit of speed to handle the traverse on his board when the kid just happens to fall right in front of him.

What are your thoughts on this near collision?

Was the snowboarder in the wrong?

Should he have been riding in such a close proximity to the kid to begin with? Probably not. Could his riding been deemed out of control or reckless? Again, I don’t think so.

I also totally understand the kid’s dad getting upset that some snowboarding bro just jumped over his child, but it was certainly better than his child getting body slammed by a 22-year-old snowboarder into the snow, right?

Accidents happen on the slopes. Let’s just be grateful that nobody was hurt!

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