Swiss Pro Skier Doesn't Need Snow (Watch)

Swiss Pro Skier Doesn't Need Snow (Watch)


Swiss Pro Skier Doesn't Need Snow (Watch)


Pro skier Andri Ragettli proves in the video below that you don’t technically need snow to have fun on skis. He even goes as far to say: “Snow is overrated🤣 My favorite skiing conditions!🌴”

I’m sure he’s joking… (at least I hope so).

I like watching videos of people sliding on surfaces that aren’t covered in snow as much as the next guy, but I do get a little bit of second-hand anxiety from it.

I’m sure Ragettli gets an unlimited amount of skis from his sponsor, but I can’t help but cringe at what his bases look like after this clip. I guess I’m just overly cautious with my gear, and seeing somebody so reckless triggers me…


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