Lost Hiker Found Dead With Loyal Dog Still By His Side

Lost Hiker Found Dead With Loyal Dog Still By His Side


Lost Hiker Found Dead With Loyal Dog Still By His Side


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Donald Hayes, 74, was found deceased in a rugged area on Mingus Mountain in Arizona earlier this week. Hayes had been missing for six days until his body was discovered by The Yavapai County Search and Rescue K9 Team.

Hayes’ death is tragic, but the story making headlines is the loyalty of his dog Ranger. Ranger was found next to Hayes’ body when search and rescue teams arrived.

He was in bad shape, but is currently recovering after being evacuated by helicopter to a local animal shelter.

From Yavapai County Search and Rescue K9 Team:

“When we returned to the C.P. after our search, our team was notified that the subject’s dog Ranger was found alive, but in bad shape. Fortunately our team carries a Fido bag for K9 emergencies. We are trained in K9 1st aid and fortunately we had a Vet Tech on our team on the search. The YCSO at the command post was notified that we were able to render aid to the subject’s dog Ranger. The Helo brought Ranger to the C.P. and our team was able to help give Ranger fluids, oxygen and cool him down before our Vet Tech and team member Heather could transport him to the closest emergency Vet.”

12 News spoke with members of the search and rescue team about Ranger in the quick news segment embedded below. Check it out:

“The remains of Donald Hayes, 74, were discovered in a rugged area of Mingus Mountain. His dog, Ranger, was with him when searchers found the body.”

Ranger seems like the goodest of boys, and is a reminder how much we don’t deserve dogs. Their loyalty is unmatched, and there’s a good reason why we consider them to be our best friends.

Here’s to hoping Ranger make a full recovery and is able to find a new home. We’re also sending our thoughts and condolences to the friends and family of the deceased.

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