PSA: Don't Take Selfies With Bison

PSA: Don't Take Selfies With Bison


PSA: Don't Take Selfies With Bison


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I can’t believe this video is real. It can’t actually be real, right?

Unfortunately, it is, and I have to write a sarcastic PSA warning people to not approach wild bison within Yellowstone National Park for selfies.

You have to see this crap for yourself…

Thank goodness this woman wasn’t seriously injured, but what in the actual hell was she thinking? She’s really gonna whip out her camera for a selfie with a wild bison from just feet away?

Then, even after she gets charged, she whips out her camera for another photo?!?!?! What in the hell…?!? I’m telling you guys… Something really weird happens to people’s brains when they enter Yellowstone National Park.

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