Skiing Through Alaskan Ice Caves (Watch)

Skiing Through Alaskan Ice Caves (Watch)


Skiing Through Alaskan Ice Caves (Watch)


Wampa GIFs | Tenor

^I was totally prepared for a Wampa from Hoth to appear in these ice caves…

Our friend, pro skier Owen Leeper (@o_leeps), is back at it again over on his Instagram page.

He’s not front flipping a huge cliff, wall-riding into Corbet’s Couloir, or paddling on a high-alpine lake iceberg, but I’d argue that skiing through multiple Alaskan ice caves is equally as cool.

I’ve never considered myself to me claustrophobic, but I honestly got a little bit uneasy watching this video.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d jump at the opportunity to ski through an Alaskan ice cave, but you can bet your ass my anxiety would be through the roof.

I’ve seen too many videos of glaciers calving in recent years to not consider it as a possibility…

As Kanye West once said, “It All Falls Down”.

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