Learn How To Do The 'Japanese Kick Turn'

Learn How To Do The 'Japanese Kick Turn'


Learn How To Do The 'Japanese Kick Turn'


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Kick turns suck, and I’m okay if you judge me for complaining about that. I’m just a novice backcountry skier after all, and that whole putting your uphill ski under your downhill ski to turn around just doesn’t cut it for me.

That’s why I find this video so intriguing…

I highly doubt that this method is unique to Japan, but it certainly has nice ring to it doesn’t it?

It’s so simple! You just need a low-lying branch to grab ahold of and you’re good to go. Just be careful not to break the branch while you’re at it, okay Jerry? No need to wreck the environment.

Please remember to Know Before You Go into the backcountry. Pack a shovel, beacon, and probe. Know how to use them. Ski with others, and take a AIARE Level 1 Course. Be safe out there, friends!

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