VIDEO: Skier Shreds 2x4s Down The Resort

VIDEO: Skier Shreds 2x4s Down The Resort


VIDEO: Skier Shreds 2x4s Down The Resort


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These guys had to have been absolutely buckled the night before to come up with this idea….😂

I have no evidence of this, but I just have to assume that some substance was involved to convince two dudes that they should try to ski some 2x4s down the hill…

Here’s how I’d like to believe the conversation proceeding the video below played out:

Scene: Jerry #1 and Jerry #2 are drunk as skunks jamming to Creed at their run-down ski house. It hasn’t snowed in weeks, and the boys are jonesing for some excitement out on the hill. That’s when an idea strikes Jerry #1 in-between loud burps, and rants about how Vail is ruining ski culture.

Jerry #1: “Dude. What if we just made our own skis? Like why do we keep buying shit from these big corporations? Just because they tell us to, right? Right? Right? RIGHT?!

Jerry #2: “Uhhh… Yeah, I guess man. Can you pass the pizza bagels? I haven’t eaten since we found that unopened bag of chips laying outside of the lodge yesterday”

Jerry #1*Ignores request for pizza bagels* “I’m just saying man, it can’t be that hard to make our own skis. Like, what if we took these 2x4s and slapped your old beater pair of Griffons on them?!

*Jerry #1 removes two 2x4s that are loosely holding up their ski house’s coffee table without any screws or nails. The table comes crashing to the ground.*

Jerry #2: “Bro. I think you might be onto something!”

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