Brazilian climber Moeses Fiamoncini posted the video below back in 2018. It shows a dog he encountered while descending Manaslu (Nepal), the world’s 8th tallest peak.

Street dogs have been known to follow climbers to base camps in search of a good meal, but this dog really took that pursuit to the next level. Fiamonicini was helping the dog down from Camp 2 (typically at 21,000′ above sea level) to Base Camp.

“Helping street dog to get down safely from Camp 2 ( 6150 meters) to Base Camp! No Fixed Rope, No Oxygen, No Sherpa!!! 😜😜😜 This’s the only Alpine Style Climber 🐕 that I saw this season trying to summit Manaslu (8.163 meters) even him at some point (6120meters) needed help to cross a crevasse.”

Check out the crazy video below. That’s one badass pooch!

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