Trevor Kennison just changed the skiing industry forever. No, seriously. Kennison’s brand-new apparel line with Eddie Bauer is designed specifically for sit skiers, and is truly ground-breaking for adaptive athletes.

I would argue that most, if not every skier and rider, knows who Trevor Kennison is by now. The dude is everywhere with his sit ski, and his story is truly inspirational.

Side note, but launching a clothing line for sit skiers is actually the second historical accomplishment he’s tallied this week. He also became the first sit skier to hit the Big Air jump at the X Games.

Check out the clip here. It’s awesome.

Kennison has partnered with Eddie Bauer to create an entire kit for sit skiers. He worked directly with the design team to develop, prototype, and test the gear. The gear has been dubbed the ‘BC Flyline Kit’, and it looks pretty dang sweet if you ask me.

Check out the breakdown of the features designed with sit skiers in mind:

“The BC Flyline Kit is a waterproof, insulated ski jacket and bib designed to meet the unique needs of sit skiers. It uses the highest quality materials and construction techniques. Features like extra insulation in the legs, articulated knees, full-range sleeves, and a high back on the bibs were incorporated based on the feedback and direction provided by Trevor. “After years of skiing in traditional jackets and bibs, it became apparent that ski outerwear was not built for someone to use them in a sit ski like I was,” said Trevor. “Working with the design team at Eddie Bauer allowed me to make sure this kit had all the features I had ever wanted. There were numerous rounds of testing and fine-tuning. I would take the kit into the field for a couple days, then provide photos and notes on small adjustments for the designers to make until it was the perfect kit for a sit skier.””

The kit is available for purchase now. Check it out here.

Eddie Bauer is also donating 20 kits to adaptive athletes that are part of The High Fives Foundation“The High Fives Foundation works with athletes with physical disabilities resulting from life-altering accidents or cognitive disability.”

Trevor Kennison has taken the ski world by storm, and now he’s making his permanent mark on it. Seeing an entire kit designed for ski skiers is unbelievably awesome.

Here’s hoping that more companies follow Trevor Kennison and Eddie Bauer’s lead on making skiing more approachable for adaptive athletes!

Photo Credits: Eddie Bauer, Backbone Media, Nate Simmons, Patrick King