Worried about your skis or snowboard getting jacked at the mountain? Check out this clever little peripheral for the Apple AirTag designed to discreetly protect your gear from theft or straight up misplacement. TrackPad Kits is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where you can pre-purchase single unit for $25 or a pair for $45 (you’ll want two for skis). AirTags run $29 a piece or a four pack for $99. All in you’re looking at about $55 for snowboard protection or $100 for a set of skis. No telling if they will reach their funding goal of $16K, but its neat idea to protect some of our most prized possessions and sound investment considering the cost of a proper setup. MORE INFO HERE:


We started TrakPad after our friend had his setup stolen from the rack at Breckenridge in CO.  The resort couldn’t do anything about it. Every year thousands of skis and snowboards get stolen but ski resorts are too busy to care. With the average ski setup costing over $500 – it’s a quick payday for a thief.  We are a team of engineers on a mission to prevent ski theft with TrakPad.

Always Have An Eye On Your Gear

TrakPad is the one accessory that allows you to run to the lodge worry-free. Our custom discrete design utilizes Apple’s AirTag technology to give you an eye on your gear at all times. Never again do you have to carry a bike lock or bring your gear inside with you at a ski resort.

Stop Thieves in Their Tracks

Apple’s AirTag changed the game when it comes to tracking personal belongings.  Unlike the previous generation GPS devices, the AirTag utilizes Apple’s network of over a billion devices to track gear without ever needing a cell signal.  Just look at the countless YouTube videos of people tracking down their stolen stuff with an AirTag.

Designed to be Discreet

Our product is designed to complement your ski gear so it won’t easily be spotted by someone.  If someone does snatch it, as soon as it starts moving you get a notification on your phone.

Guaranteed to Stick

Using 3M™ specialty adhesive, our design will stay attached to your gear on the biggest wipeouts. This is the same material used to attach snowboard stomp pads. We guarantee our TrakPad will stay on or get your money back.

Let’s Get Started

TrackPad is super simple to apply to a snowboard or skis. We ship all the necessary tools so the application process takes seconds. Most importantly when you need to access the AirTag, the six security screws make this process straightforward.

One TrackPad includes

  • 1 TrackPad cover plate
  • 1 TrackPad backplate w/ adhesive
  • 6 screws
  • 1 security Key (for removing the screws)

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