UK Skiers Might Be Able to Travel To France Again Soon (Restrictions Easing)

UK Skiers Might Be Able to Travel To France Again Soon (Restrictions Easing)


UK Skiers Might Be Able to Travel To France Again Soon (Restrictions Easing)


Looks like its time to start planning your ski trips to France, dearest British readers. The near complete ban on travelers from the UK into France might be lifted this week, after nearly a month of it being in place. What that will look like, in terms of required Covid-19 tests and quarantines, is currently unclear, but according to The Guardian, the official spokesman for the French government, Gabriel Attal, did confirm the change.

“I confirm that a further easing of the restrictions with the UK will be announced in the coming days. Work is continuing. I hope that the announcement can be made by the end of the week.”

The original ban was put in place in an attempt to slow the spread of the Omicron variant on December 18th, but because Omicron has become the dominant variant in France (87% of cases nationwide are Omicron cases), the government is willing to begin easing restrictions.

The change is coming at a near perfect time, as the mountain resorts throughout France are seeing great conditions. Courchevel has nearly four feet (121 cm) of snow at the base, and over five and a half feet (167 cm) at the summit, and Chamonix received over a foot and a half (46 cm) over the past weekend in some locations.

So figure out where you’re skiing, find a hotel or condo, and get your travel plans all set up, UK citizens. It looks like you may be able to have a French ski vacation after all.

Also, US citizens have been able to travel to France for tourism for quite a long time, assuming they’re vaccinated. Unvaccinated people from the United States must have a compelling reason and deal with a lot of testing and quarantine.

Image Credits: Grands Montets, Courchevel

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