Watch as Jeremy Pascal sends a big backflip, lands on his feet, and then dives headfirst into powder, trapping him under the snow for what probably felt like an eternity. Jeremy had his skis attached to his feet in his downward position, rendering himself helpless, trapped and struggling for air.

Luckily, his two buddies saw the incident, realized what had happened, moved quickly and heroically got him unburied in less than a minute.  Check out the videos of both the rescuers and rescued below, shows great perspective on how scary it is.

This is a REAL and DANGEROUS occurrence, skiers and riders die every year of asphyxiation from being trapped under the snow. Just like in avalanches, group rescue is your best chance of survival.  These lads showed excellent awareness and are a great example of what to do when faced with that situation.

This video is great reminder to everyone, especially right now after the entire west has gotten nuked on. SKI WITH A PARTNER AND WATCH YOUR BUDDY’S BACK.  If you want any more info on how to be safe in deep snow check out Deep Snow Safety .


Images and Videos from:  Jjgold108 IG and Jeremypascal111 IG


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