Lake Tahoe's Snow Is Currently "Poodle Deep" 😂

Lake Tahoe's Snow Is Currently "Poodle Deep" 😂


Lake Tahoe's Snow Is Currently "Poodle Deep" 😂


Amie with her dog Bill, and partner Todd Ligare (yes, that Todd Ligare)

Lake Tahoe has been getting pummeled by a record-setting storm over the last few days, and it’s been extremely entertaining seeing all of the photos and videos that have been posted on social media of the insane snow totals.

I had a good laugh at the video below from pro skier Amie Engerbretson. It shows her throwing her adorable Goldendoodle Bill into, what appears to be, and endless void of snow.

I kind of wish I knew somebody big enough to lift me up and throw me into a deep pile of fluffy snow like this. Anybody have Shaquille O’Neal’s contact info? I have a good idea for some video content… 😂

Don’t worry, Bill was okay.

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