New Inflatable E-Scooter Fits Into a Backpack

New Inflatable E-Scooter Fits Into a Backpack


New Inflatable E-Scooter Fits Into a Backpack


We’ve seen an explosion of electric vehicles in the last decade. It seems like every mode of transportation is being modified to run on an electric motor. That includes: e-bikes, scooters, cars, trucks, tractors, and now an inflatable scooter that can fit inside of a backpack. Incredible.

Japanese company poimo (portable and inflatable mobility) has designed a customizable electric scooter that inflates for use. You simply just plug the scooter into the air pump for 2 minutes, and voilà, you have your own personal electric scooter that can run for 90 minutes at 9mph.

The poimo scooters can be customized to fit the owners size and needs. It seems like the possibilities are endless with this technology, and the video below does a great job showcasing the cool features of the poimo.

Don’t be surprised if you see videos of people in cities like New York or Los Angeles zipping around on these inflatable scooters as an alternative form of transportation. Definitely seems better than those crappy electric scooters that are littering the streets of America’s cities…

Information on ordering a poimo scooter does not seem to be available at the moment, but would you buy one?

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