You've Never Seen Ice Like This

You've Never Seen Ice Like This


You've Never Seen Ice Like This


Okay I know there’s gonna be some guy in the comments that says something like, “You’re wrong. I see ice like this everyday. I’m an ice enthusiast that travels the world looking at weird forms of ice. This kind of ice happens all the time. You’re so dumb for writing the blog and you’ve offended all of us in the ice enthusiast community. Please apologize immediately or feel the wrath of our icy comments on your blogs for the rest of eternity.”

That might be a little dramatic, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if somebody commented something similar. That’s just the stage the internet is in at this point. There’s always an expert at every little thing who has a mission to shame people for being ignorant…

ANYWAYS… I’ve never seen an a body of water freeze like this, and I thought it would be kind of cool to share with all of you. This apparently happened due to a rapid freeze-thaw cycle in Manitoba, Canada. It almost looks the whole lake was filled with giant hailstones, doesn’t it?

“Occurred on November 20, 2021 / Steep Rock, Manitoba, Canada “I’m Canadian/German, born and raised 7 km from Steep Rock. I’m the owner of SteepRockKayak, an entrepreneur who has been promoting tourism in the area for years. This year the lake froze later than normal, and the conditions created very unique ice formations described as a rare phenomenon.”

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