Dutch Students Build Incredible Solar-Powered Camper Pop-up Van

Dutch Students Build Incredible Solar-Powered Camper Pop-up Van


Dutch Students Build Incredible Solar-Powered Camper Pop-up Van


Can everybody do me a favor and send this blog to every fossil-fuel company, big-name auto maker, and stingy politician? Thanks in advance.

A team of 22 Dutch students from Eindhoven University of Technology have created a solar-powered vehicle straight out of the future. They’ve named it ‘The Stella Vita’.

The vehicle is designed to carry two passengers, and can travel up to 450 miles on a single charge. The vehicle expands, when parked, to include a bedroom, a toilet, a shower, a kitchen, and power outlets to charge electronic devices.

The Stella Vita can be charged using the solar panels, or by a conventional EV charging outlet. One of the students told The Guardian““On a cloudy day the vehicle can still produce 60-70% of the energy,” he said. “And even if there is no sun at all, you still have an efficient, normal electric car that you can charge from a charging port.”

Seems like some pretty ground-breaking technology if you ask me. I don’t know how cost-effective it would be to install solar panels on every new car made across the world, but I’m optimistic that it could be done after reading about The Stella Vita.

A major car company should start producing a camper van model like The Stella Vita at the very least. Think about how many of these bad boys they could sell to all of the rich kids looking to “find themselves” and “explore the country” before starting life in the real world. We’ll surely end up seeing dozens of these vehicles scattered around America’s National Parks with #vanlife stickers and crunchy folks hanging around outside of them.

Good job to Solar Team Eindhoven on their incredible vehicle. I hope to see more solar-powered vehicles hitting the road in the coming years.

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