WATCH: The Lib Tech 'Kook Sticks' are 'R.A.D.'

WATCH: The Lib Tech 'Kook Sticks' are 'R.A.D.'


WATCH: The Lib Tech 'Kook Sticks' are 'R.A.D.'


Lib Tech skis have announced a new set of skis for the 2021-2022 model year. The skis have been dubbed the ‘Kook Sticks’. Indeed, this is a fantastic model name. These skis have a 97mm waist and a 17-meter turn radius. They are designed to be a frontside carver with a playful attitude.

Perhaps the most interesting design feature is Lib Tech’s new ‘R.A.D’ technology. R.A.D. stands for Rocker Activated Drive and it resembles Moment’s Triple Camber Design. Essentially, the ski has an added section of rocker directly under the foot. There is a length of camber behind the foot and in front of the foot with a touch of tip and tail rocker. According to Lib Tech, this is designed to allow excellent turn initiation and to bring the middle of the ski to life.

The ‘Kook’ sticks certainly look interesting. If they are indeed frontside-oriented skis that carve will while retaining a fun-loving attitude…sign us up.

Images From: Lib-Tech

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