Kentucky Fried Chicken- It’s claw lickin’ good! Wait, that’s not how that catchy slogan goes, does it?

This California man came home to a lovely surprise. His house was destroyed, and a bear was casually devouring a bucket of KFC on his kitchen counter. Turns out that bears enjoy the Colonel’s secret recipe as much as us humans do.

The homeowner also said there was another bear in the house and one outside. He was able to eventually scare them out by making loud noises. Here’s to hoping he got them out before that KFC started making it’s way through their digestive systems… if ya know what I mean… 🤢

“A man arrived home in Sierra Madre, California, on October 28 to find the front door open and a bear in his kitchen helping itself to a bucket of fried chicken. Resident John Holden captured video of the bear sitting on his kitchen countertop digging its snout into the bucket. Speaking to KABC, Holden said there was at least one more bear inside his home and another outside too. He eventually managed to get them out by making loud noises, KABC reported. “I’ve had a lot of other encounters with them. I’ve actually had them bump into me a couple times in the backyard, but definitely never in the house like that,” Holden told KABC. “That was something else and they sure made a mess of the place,” he added. Credit: John Holden via Storyful”