Beaver Creek Makes Spelling Error On New Trail Map

Beaver Creek Makes Spelling Error On New Trail Map


Beaver Creek Makes Spelling Error On New Trail Map


October Snowfall at Beaver Creek

Credit: Beaver Creek Resort

Let me make a very important disclaimer here- I have probably made hundreds if not thousands of spelling errors/typos on my blogs here at Unofficial Networks. Hand up on that.

That’s mostly because I don’t really think editing an article to grammatical perfection is what our core readers here at UN really care about. You just want to watch funny videos, get the important ski/snowboard news you expect, and read our stupidly written takes on the skiing industry as a whole. I’m a blogger, not a ‘journalist’, believe it or not.

With that being said, I feel like it’s absolutely appropriate to roast Beaver Creek/Vail Resorts for making a spelling error on their new trail map. This is a multi-billion dollar corporation we’re talking about here, and the error occurs at Beaver Creek’s brand-new McCoy Park that they have been touting all over social media the last year or so.

exPOLration vs exPLOration

Is it a big deal? Hell no. Is it funny? Well, yeah!

Shout to Jimmy S from Columbus, OH for catching the mistake and sending it my way. He was wondering how many of these maps have been printed with the error, and that made me laugh. 😂

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