Warren Miller's 'Winter Starts Now' Was An Absolute Blast (Film Review)

Warren Miller's 'Winter Starts Now' Was An Absolute Blast (Film Review)


Warren Miller's 'Winter Starts Now' Was An Absolute Blast (Film Review)


The MC leads the prize giveaways during intermission

I had the opportunity to check out the premiere of Warren Miller Entertainment’s 72nd annual film titled Winter Starts Now’ at The Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI last week, and it was an absolute blast.

Those of you that have been to Warren Miller shows over the years know what I’m talking about, but for those of you that haven’t- let me explain.

Seeing a Warren Miller movie isn’t your typical movie-going experience. People get dressed up, the crowd cheers with every exciting on-screen moment, and there’s a palpable energy in the air from when you first sit down to when you leave the theater. Everybody is excited because watching a Warren Miller movie means that ski season is just around the corner.

The beginning of ‘Winter Starts Now’ was slightly more tame than previous films I’ve seen over the last couple of years, and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I appreciated the fact that WME chose to highlight down-to-earth places like Sugarloaf, ME, Snow King, WY, and Howelsen Hill, CO. These are places where true skiers live and breathe skiing on a daily basis, and I love when the little guys get their moment to shine.

Masks and proof of vaccination were required to enter the theater.

These segments didn’t illicit loud cheers because people weren’t sending big cliffs or drops, but I could tell the crowd was fully invested in learning about these gem ski areas.

The classic WME skiing rambunctiousness started when Marcus Caston, Amie Engerbretson, Jim Ryan, and more were shown destroying places like Palisades Tahoe, Solitude Mountain Resort, and the Chugach Range of Alaska. Those cheers were definitely well-deserved. WME’s ability to capture these big-mountain moments with such clarity and precision keep them a cut-above the other big skiing and snowboarding studios out there.

The best moment of the film had to be the segment that focused on Vasu Sojitra and Pete McAfee as they completed the first-ever disabled ski descent of Denali. My mind was absolutely blown-away by the grit and determination these men have.

They each climbed North America’s tallest peak on one leg and skied down with incredible skill. It was truly remarkable. This segment alone is worth the price of admission to check out Winter Starts Now in a theater near you.

I’m not going to give Winter Starts Now a score, per se, but I will say this- I can guarantee that you, your family, and your friends will have a great time checking out a premiere of the film. There are plenty of laughs, copious amounts of stunning filmography, and awesome skiing. There’s really not much more you could want in a ski movie, right?

Check out more about Winter Starts Now here, and find a show near you. I promise you’ll have fun, and your ticket will come with some sweet deals at ski areas near you as an added bonus.

Have fun out there, friends! Go check out Winter Starts Now!

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