Smuggs Remembers Legendary Winter Storm Stella

Smuggs Remembers Legendary Winter Storm Stella


Smuggs Remembers Legendary Winter Storm Stella


Has there ever been a better two days of east coast skiing and riding than when Winter Storm Stella dumped 3′ feet of fresh blower pow back in March of 2017?

Some old kook will probably say, You should have seen what it was like in the Winter of ’65! It was Winter Storm Stella every single day for an entire month up at Smuggs’, but we can all just collectively roll our eyes as it was probably just another fabled story of the ‘I used to walk uphill both ways to school’ generation.

Thankfully, we had HD cameras in 2017, and Smuggs was able to capture some legendary powder skiing that looks like it could have been filmed in Utah or Japan.

Take a look at the longer edit below from March 15th, 2017 of the epic conditions. I’ve been up to Smuggs on some pretty spectacular days over the years, but I don’t recall anything even remotely close to what Stella delivered.

If only I could have been there and not wasting my time binge-drinking and pretending to study in college. Where were my priorities back then? Clearly out-of-whack.

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