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The e-scooter craze might be getting a little out of hand…

Those god damn Bird scooters are already littering the streets of cities across America… I saw them in Sheboygan, WI yesterday for god’s sake! Now, dudes are modding their rigs to fly 50-60mph down the highway, and this surely won’t end badly, right?

I’m not saying that this guy is an idiot for pushing the sound barrier on a two-wheeled scooter, but I’m also not not saying it if you catch my drift.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing legislation against this kind of thing at local levels after this video. There’s gonna be more fools trying to burn rubber down interstates across America on their super-charged scooters and I can guarantee somebody is going to get hurt or worse.

Just don’t do this kind of shit at home people. Please?