Marcus Caston is one of those skiers that you just have to follow these days. If he’s up to something, you better get your shit together and pay attention. Well, at least I should as a dedicated ski blogger for all of you following here on Unofficial Networks. I would hate if you guys thought I was “unqualified” for this super super super serious and important job I do.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings. Marcus Caston’s awesome series is back in 2021 and the trailer for this season’s episodes just dropped. Get stoked!

Return of the Turn“Will you be content letting the dust settle, or will you pick yourself up and rise form the ashes? After a hiatus in 2020, Return of The Turn is coming back for another season with the inspiring ski stories and knuckle dragging that you have come to expect. With the bar set so high, you will be amazed how high they can fly. Presented by Blizzard/Tecnica.”

I hate to be ‘that guy’, but there’s no way he actually built that pair of skis in the opening scene right? *My boss who I just showed the video to told me that I’m stupid and of course he didn’t make the skis. It was just a bit.*