Why Bibs Are Better Than Pants

Why Bibs Are Better Than Pants


Why Bibs Are Better Than Pants


Nomad Bib Pant | Mens | Strafe Outerwear

^Credit: Strafe Outwerwear

There’s an age-old debate in the skiing and snowboarding community that I intend to end today with an ‘excellently’ (not to click my own poles together or anything) crafted blog post.

These words will surely turn the bib-haters into bib-elievers, and end their denial of which lower-half outwear garment is superior.

^Courtesy: Adventure Journal

5 Reason Bibs Are Better Than Pants

  • They look cool.
    • Do you need anymore of a reason than this? We’re all ‘flexing for the gram’ (much to my dismay) nowadays anyways, right?
  • They’re extremely practical for keeping snow out of your underwear.
    • You’ll never have to worry if the new jacket you want to buy has a powder skirt or not. Freedom!
  • More pockets.
    • They’re the cargo shorts of ski gear, but nobody will make fun of you when you whip out a granola bar, a google sock, a pair of sunglasses, and glove liners from your kangaroo-esque bib pouch. They’ll only be peanut butter and jealous.
Snow & Ski Bibs by Shinesty

Credit: Shinesty

  • Warmth.
    • An extra layer of Gore-Tex covering your beer belly goes a long way to keeping out the chilly air.
  • Versatility.
    • Whether your throwing on Randy’s jacket from a Christmas Story, a windbreaker, or just a light mid-layer for a Spring day, a pair of bibs has you covered.

^Courtesy: REI

I will not be accepting any rebuttals for why pants are better than bibs at this time. Please respect my authority as an ‘extremely-important’ ski blogger and take my words as scripture.

-Matt Lorelli (CEO, President, Chairman, & VP of ‘The Bibelievers Coalition to Shame Ski Pants Lovers Across The Globe’ (TBCTSSPLATG for short)

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