GoPro: Tom Wallisch Sets World Record for Longest Railslide - YouTube
Courtesy: GoPro

I was sitting here minding my own business when a random memory popped up in my head.

My conscious thoughts went something like this,

“Man there’s not a lot of skiing and snowboarding news going on today, bummer—What should I write about?—What am I going to have for dinner tonight?—Man I should really go for a run today,—Dude, remember when Tom Wallisch slide 400+’ on a rail at Seven Springs, PA like five years ago?!(I asked myself) That was siiiiiick.”

Sorry for having to explain the innerworkings of a ski bloggers mind, but I thought it might clarify why I’m deciding to post a video that was released half a decade ago.

The truth is that Tom Wallisch is a badass, this video is cool, and will always be worth a re-watch.

ENJOY! (again)

Good Company“Tom Wallisch sets a new World Record for longest rail slide on skis at 424 Feet!! Here is Tom’s World Record story.”