Alligator Rams Kayaker Deep in Sketchy Swamp

Alligator Rams Kayaker Deep in Sketchy Swamp


Alligator Rams Kayaker Deep in Sketchy Swamp


I think the people of the American southeast are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too calm about the fact that they live amongst dinosaurs.

What do you have to worry about if you go kayaking down a stream in the Midwest? Absolutely nothing! Other than possibly a fellow kayaker ‘niceing’ you to death.

But in the Southeast you better keep your head on a swivel or a 500lb. American alligator might decide to ruin your day and bite a limb off while he’s at it.

I mean I know gator sightings in states like Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina are as common as seeing a pigeon in NYC, but god damn I wouldn’t go kayaking down a gator infested stream by myself!

I mean just look at his surroundings. That swampy foliage, calm water, and eerie lighting is an alligator attack scene right out of Hollywood…

TIP: Re-watch the video and you can see the gator approaching his kayak from a short distance away. Sneaky bastard…

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