Aptera is a solar-powered electric vehicle company out of Southern California. Aptera is definitely thinking outside the box and focuses on total efficiency. A full charge on this lightweight, three-wheeled, vehicle delivers a range of 1,000 miles. They claim to reduce wasted power more effectively than other electric vehicle companies. This thing is a total feat of engineering and the small details to enhance efficiency are super impressive.

This crazy-looking vehicle is also an off-the-grid camper. The rear hatch opens and a tent slips over the opening of the hatch. The flat, bed-like surface, behind the front seats, offers plenty of space for most people. The best part, after driving to your favorite remote camping spot, the vehicle will be recharging as you galavant around.

The looks might be polarizing, but there is no denying this is an impressive vehicle.

Images from: Aptera Motors Facebook Page