Toddler Sends Hill In Toy Car, Saved By Firemen

Toddler Sends Hill In Toy Car, Saved By Firemen


Toddler Sends Hill In Toy Car, Saved By Firemen


This toddler has the need… the need for speed!

I’d like to imagine a very unrealistic scenario proceeded this video.

The toddler was having a fight with his day about taking his toy car down the hill. The dad kept telling him no and the toddler started throwing a fit. Then, right as the Dad wasn’t looking, the toddler put on a pair of Pit Vipers, turned to an imaginary camera, and uttered the greatest words ever spoken on the internet by none other than Larry The Enticer,

“Are you silly? I’m still gonna send it.”

In all seriousness, kudos to the firemen for acting quickly and saving this kid from getting hurt. I know I just made a joke that this toddler is a little daredevil, but I’m guessing that was most likely an accident and it could have ended really badly.

That kid was cookin’ down the hill, and I’m guessing that dad was having a heart attack wondering how in the hell it was going to end. Having two fireman just standing on the corner ready to gently stop the kid in his tracks has to be in the Top 2 ways you would want something like this to end.


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