5 Ski Areas With The Least Vertical Drop

5 Ski Areas With The Least Vertical Drop


5 Ski Areas With The Least Vertical Drop


Vertical drop can be an important and effective way to quantify a ski hill. Giant ski resorts like Whistler, Jackson Hole, and Snowmass have between 4,000-5,200 vertical feet. Smaller, local hills regularly come in at well under 1,000 feet of vert.

When examining a list of the North American ski resorts with the largest vertical drop, one obvious question comes to mind: Which ski hills have the least amount of vertical drop? According to an article in Curbed here are five areas with the least vert in North America.

-Sawkill Family Ski Center – Kingston, New York – 70 vertical feet

-Four Lakes Ski and Snowboard Area – Lisle, Illinois – 100 vertical feet

-Mount Molson – Petawawa, Ontario, Canada – 125 vertical feet

-Cloudmont Ski Area – Mentone, Alabama – 150 vertical feet

-Powderhouse Hill – South Berwick, Maine – 175 vertical feet

Here at Unofficial Networks, we are big fans of the small, local ski hill. While they may sometimes be small in stature, these little hills are perfect for folks who are dipping their toes into the world of skiing and snowboarding. The proximity of some of these hills to cities and less-expensive lift tickets can really lower the barrier for entry to these exclusive sports.

Images from: Powderhouse Hill Ski Area Facebook Page,

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