WATCH: Incredibly Rad Dirt Skateboarding Part

WATCH: Incredibly Rad Dirt Skateboarding Part


WATCH: Incredibly Rad Dirt Skateboarding Part


Max Nerurkar might have just invented a whole new genre of skateboarding movies with his full-length video part ‘Dirt Dumb’.

Looks like Nerurkar is using a traditional skateboarding deck fitted with some serious risers and some sort of large off-roading wheels to hit all kinds of unusual terrain. He laces kickflips off dirt ramps, board slides a fallen tree, hits some spicy lines on exposed rocks, and gets creative with the natural features around him.

I would love to see more videos like this in the future. The feasibility of riding a skateboard on all kind of dirt isn’t there just yet, but chopping together Nerurkar landing outrageous tricks and lines on rugged terrain is undeniably cool. The possibilities seem endless on this off-roading skate setup.

Is this the beginning of the mountain board renaissance? 🤔

Uploaded by: 50to01 TV

ATV skateboard full part by Max Nerurkar

Many missions making many memories all in the name of fun.

Filmed by

Josh Lewis, Rob Southern, Gray Tennant and Veronique Sandler

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