Another Crocodile Sighting In The U.K.

Another Crocodile Sighting In The U.K.


Another Crocodile Sighting In The U.K.


Conventional wisdom says that crocodiles don’t live in the UK. Well, a woman in Castleford, a city southeast of Leeds in jolly ol’ England was quite shocked to see a one in her neighbor’s backyard.

According to The Independent, Sarah Jayne Ellis was closing the blinds in a bedroom when she looked into her neighbor’s yard and spotted the croc. She estimated it to be 3-4-feet long and looked “real”. In one of the more interesting details of the story, it sounds like Ellis simply went about her business after the sighting. A couple of hours later, she looked out the same window and the crocodile was gone.

This sighting can’t simply be written off as a hoax or tall tale. In May 2020, photographer Lee Collings reported seeing a 4-foot crocodile in the Fairburn Ings nature preserve. He reported seeing the crocodile while on a birdwatching adventure.

Will these sightings continue? Where did this crocodile come from? Are there more crocs in the U.K.? So many questions.

Images from: Fairburn Ings Bird Group Facebook Page

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