When Will Squaw Valley Decide On Its New Name?

When Will Squaw Valley Decide On Its New Name?


When Will Squaw Valley Decide On Its New Name?


Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe | Squaw Alpine

Credit: Squaw Valley

The skiing and snowboarding world exploded last year when Squaw Valley announced that they would change the name of their historic resort due to its negative connotation towards Native American women. Like anything these days, the public was divided on whether or not Squaw should change the name.

Squaw originally announced that a new name would be chosen in early 2021 and be implemented this summer, but that has yet to happen. The resort has published social media posts lately about its history, and it’s causing me to speculate that a new name could be coming soon.

The author of the blog linked in the social media post above claims that a name will be announced this fall. My guess is that Squaw will want to announce that soon to prepare for the coming ski season.

I have no insider information (unfortunately) about what the name will be changed to, but I feel like Olympic Valley has to be the frontrunner. That place is known for hosting the winter Olympics back in 1960, and it feel like a lay up to adopt it as its new name without ruining the resorts legacy.

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