Shurable...The Airbnb of Renting Outdoor Gear?

Shurable...The Airbnb of Renting Outdoor Gear?


Shurable...The Airbnb of Renting Outdoor Gear?


“The impact Shurable can have on an individual and our overall environment is truly remarkable. Renters can benefit from the convenience, price and quality of the items. Providers can benefit by making an additional income and having more control over how they spend their time. Together, we can really make a difference and reduce our carbon footprint by renting instead of buying.” –Nick Daley

Interesting startup news out of Saratoga Springs where an entrepreneur believes his app will be the Airbnb of renting outdoor gear. WNYT reports Nick Daley came up with the idea for Shurable while hanging out on Lake George with family and friends and not having access to tubes, water skis and wakeboards.

“I just thought of ‘I see them all on someone’s dock. Why can’t I just go and rent it from that person,’ and boom, there kind of came the idea.” 

Shurable is an online platform for posting and renting outdoor equipment and it comes down to three simple words: sharing, ensuring satisfaction, and availability. Daley calls it the Airbnb of renting outdoor gear and is so confident it will catch on, that he says in the next 10 years, you will be able to rent anything on the platform. Love the hutzpah Nick. If you’re interested in giving Shurable a try GO HERE:

About Shurable: 

Shurable is a growing community of genuine people and the most convenient peer-to-peer marketplace for people to list and rent outdoor recreational items. Renters choose from a totally unique selection of nearby items, while providers earn extra cash to list those items. Shurable makes it easy for people to get what they want, when they want it, and in turn gives the provider the opportunity to do more of what they love with the extra income and ability to dictate how they spend their time.

Shurable is a safe, supportive community committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction! If there’s something you wish we offered or did differently that could make your experience better, we hope you’ll share and submit this feedback within your Shurable profile.

Your Peer-to-Peer Rental Marketplace

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you wish you didn’t have to buy something new just to use it once or twice? Shurable’s Founder Nick Daley found himself in that situation far too often and realized he wasn’t the only one.

It was a summer evening, he and his family were sitting around a fire in Lake George, NY when the idea to create a marketplace where people can rent anything from locals in the area came to mind and Shurable was born soon after. With an initial focus on outdoor recreation, but a vision and plan for people to have the ability to rent anything from anywhere in the world on one platform.

Shurable provides its users with the freedom to do what they want, when they want without the restrictions of time, storage, price, or availability.


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