"LOVE YOU TOO" Review- The Bunch Does It Again

"LOVE YOU TOO" Review- The Bunch Does It Again


"LOVE YOU TOO" Review- The Bunch Does It Again


Nobody makes a ski movie like The Bunch.

I raved last season about ‘Is There Time For Matching Socks’, and I’m here again to tell you that ‘LOVE YOU TOO’ is on par as a fantastic short film.

I can’t get over the artistic styling The Bunch uses in their films. It’s the perfect amount to keep me interested in what they show next, but not too much that it takes away from the skiing. It seems like The Bunch has found the perfect blend to show off their eclectic street skiing style to the masses.

‘LOVE YOU TOO’ is another testament to The Bunch’s creativity in skiing and filmmaking. I will be watching this video time and time again, and I give it an Unofficial Networks’ 5 Fist Bumps/5 Fist Bumps. Well done.

I literally have alert notifications set on The Bunch’s YouTube channel because these guys only put out can’t-miss content. Enjoy the film and make sure to subscribe to their channel. I promise you won’t regret it.

Also, go watch ‘Is There Time For Matching Socks’ if you haven’t already.

The BunchUnconditionally.

Supported by: ON3P, Full Tilt, LINE, Wells Lamont, Arsenic, Mareld Pro Lightning

Cinematography and post-production by Andreas Olofsson

Skiers: Alex Hackel, Oliver Karlberg, Pär Hägglund, Magnus Granér, Maximillam Smith, Kim Boberg, Leo Bergström, Hugo Burvall, Emil Granbom, Anton Lindén, Sakarias Majander, Lucas Stål Madison, Harald Hellström

Produced by Magnus Granér, Alex Hackel”

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