Snow Spotted In Utah!

Snow Spotted In Utah!


Snow Spotted In Utah!


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The Utah Department of Transportation’s webcam at Bald Mountain Pass in the Uintas is currently showing some light snow accumulation!  It ain’t much, but it’s enough to make this ski blogger freak out just a little bit.

Unclear exactly what elevation this camera is sitting at, but a quick Google search tells me that the pass maxes out at 10,715′.

Quick side note… Can the Utah legislature give UDOT a little more money for their traffic webcams? This image looks like it was captured with a Nokia 6600 from 2003…

Traffic Cam SR150 RWIS EB @ Bald Mountain Pass MP 29.2 SU

Here’s to hoping this is a good omen for the coming season. I think we could all agree that a powder-filled year across the west is much needed considering the recent drought…

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