Emergency Backcountry Dog Sling (9.5 oz)

Emergency Backcountry Dog Sling (9.5 oz)


Emergency Backcountry Dog Sling (9.5 oz)


The Airlift by Fido Pro Emergency Dog Rescue Sling

Fido Pro is an emergency sling that you can use for your dog while hiking, skiing, or recreating in the backcountry. The sling folds into a small footprint that can be easily stored in your pack.

Fido Pro’s creator came up with the idea when his dog was injured in a backcountry skiing accident and he had to haul him out in his backpack. It’s a shame that some of the best ideas come from tragedy, but the creator’s experience will surely save tons of dogs in the future.

Seems like a very useful piece of gear for anybody who enjoys venturing into the backcountry with their four-legged friend. I know I’d want to have it for peace-of-mind at the very least. The Fido Pro sling starts at $75 and the harness with a deployable sling starts at $129. Check it out for yourself here.


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