FOR SALE: 1975 Chairlift Only $1...Buyer Has To Remove It

FOR SALE: 1975 Chairlift Only $1...Buyer Has To Remove It


FOR SALE: 1975 Chairlift Only $1...Buyer Has To Remove It


Looking to buy a cheap chairlift? Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota is currently selling a double chairlift for only a dollar! There are a few caveats to this though. For one, the buyer has to remove it themselves, adding substantial moving costs. Secondly, this Hall Double is from 1975, meaning that even if you were to relocate it, the operation life to the machine wouldn’t really be that long, and maintenance upgrades would have to be plentiful to keep it running. The Double Jaw Chairlift was a Hall two-seater that serviced the beginner and intermediate terrain on the west side of Spirit Mountain. With it currently being sold, its days of operating at Spirit Mountain are likely numbered.

The stats for the lift are as follows:

1975 build date, 100 HP, 2071′ of length, 391′ of rise, 480′ per minute, 88 chairs, 1200 pph [passengers per hour], chair spacing 48′, 10 towers, 1 1/8″ rope diameter, 11′ line gauge, 480 volts.”

And here are the official terms of the deal once the buyer agrees to purchase the lift:

“Buyer is responsible to remove ALL of the lift components within a timely manner and not during the ski area’s winter operations schedule. Buyer must provide proof of insurance for the job and provide all equipment, personnel, and transport of the lift from the ski area grounds. Buyer doesn’t need to remove the foundations. Buyer must restore vegetation and grade back to original in all disturbed areas. Buyer is responsible for any required permits and follows all state and local laws. A complete and detailed list of requirements will be provided prior to the signed agreement.”

Considering the terms and conditions, would you buy this $1 lift?

Image Credits: Spirit Mountain, CHS Snowmakers

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