Who Wants To Go Equestrian Grass Skiing?

Who Wants To Go Equestrian Grass Skiing?


Who Wants To Go Equestrian Grass Skiing?


Just when you think you’ve seen every variation on skiing in the whole wide world you come across a horse trainer in the UK who likes to whip grass skis behind ponies across the moors in northeastern Cornwall. Emma Massingale is really onto something with summer skijoring. This sneaky looks like the funnest thing. Have a great weekend folks:

The ponies:

Sebastian – 3.5yr old Shetland Stallion: This was Sebs first time out at all, he’s only young but he coped brilliantly with the challenges of the environment, the free roaming moorland ponies etc! Lovely to start getting him out and about…he’s going to be very cool!

Claude – 5yr old Shetland Stallion: You mostly see Claude as my offside wheeler when carriage driving the boys team, he’s starting to really develop in to a wonderful individual and skiing behind him is probably my favourite as he’s quick!

Evenos – 8yr old Connemara gelding: Eves I started on the Island Project, he’s such a great chap to take out, he epitomizes the term allrounder as he pretty much now does most things, he is the nearside wheeler when driving, he’s part of my liberty team, he’s great to ride both with and without tack…he’s strong in body and mind but kind and definitely one of life’s optimists!

If equestrian dryland snowboarding is more your vibe, gotcha covered:


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