How To Make A Mountain Bike Flow Trail

How To Make A Mountain Bike Flow Trail


How To Make A Mountain Bike Flow Trail


Mark Matthews’ new short-film ‘Blueprint’ provides a glimpse into the grueling process of creating a new flow trail in Cumberland, BC, Canada.

I really enjoyed how the film explains the creative process the trail builders use to shape the trail for others to enjoy. They also use a pretty neat VFX trick that reveals the trail as the biker rides it.

I love how the mountain biking scene still has people cutting and making their own trails. Reminds me of the good ol’ days of skiing when people would cut their own routes and glades adjacent to the resorts.

Blueprint started with a simple idea – to show sections of trail come to life before the viewer’s eyes. Once we broke ground here in Cumberland, BC, the abundance of good dirt was the ultimate inspiration to challenge ourselves to build something that pushed our creativity further than we had planned. The corners were just asking to get stacked bigger, faster, and smoother! We visualized, developed, and pushed the limits to create something special for all riders to enjoy: a hand-built, blue square level flow trail you’ll want to lap all day long.

I hope our story inspires you to get creative, contribute to your mountain bike community, and have fun with it! For trail builders the trophy is so much more than the trail, it’s an extremely rewarding process. When you have a good crew to share those moments with, it adds a whole new layer of passion to it. We owe many thanks to @#RideShimano , the United Riders of Cumberland, and Mosaic Forest Management for making this project possible.”

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