Dash Cam Captures Car Flying Over Highway

Dash Cam Captures Car Flying Over Highway


Dash Cam Captures Car Flying Over Highway


Most people get a dash cam to record any accidents or incidents they may run into that could be valuable in court or for insurance claims. I’m going to assume that this guy didn’t buy his dash cam thinking he would witness a car flying 30 yards in the air…

Police reports say that the driver was involved in a hit-and-run prior to the incident and was exiting the freeway when they missed a hard left turn that sent them flying over the embankment and onto the adjacent road.

I would have assumed that Vin Diesel was out filming another Fast & Furious movie if I saw this happen in front of my eyes. I mean they put one of those stupid movies out every year, it wouldn’t surprise me if they got a little loose with the permits and forgot to secure the area.

Officials say that the driver of the vehicle miraculously survived with only minor injuries. What kind of car do you think that is? Maybe a Hyundai Sonata? They need to show this clip as a testament to their airbag and safety systems to anybody who has doubts… Unreal!

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