Want to give Earthship living a whirl before diving into the deepend and building your own ultra-efficient off-grid home? Well watch this video detailing the process and methodology behind this type of green home construction and consider making the trip to Big Sky and spending a night to get a vibe for this unique lifestyle (

“This brand new house is called an Earthship, a totally off-grid house that catches its own rain water, generates its own electricity, and passively moderates its own temperature all year round without the use of a furnace.
Don’t let the term “off grid” fool you, this house has all the modern amenities. Fast internet with Wi-Fi, Netflix with a flat screen TV, large refrigerator/freezer, and oven/range. Brand new 1 bed/1 bath Earthship. Experience Off Grid living with all the modern amenities in the beautiful greater Yellowstone Park ecosystem at Big Sky, Montana.”

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