Would You Rip These Street Skis?

Would You Rip These Street Skis?


Would You Rip These Street Skis?


Mark Slagter built a pair of downhill street skis that he takes down the paved slopes of Costa Rica. Looks like the skis are fitted with bindings and have some kind of multidirectional wheel that allows the rider to link turns.

This looks so sick for killing time on skis in the summer months. Especially for those of us that don’t have regular access to backcountry summer snow lines.

Mark’s Facebook page is chock-full of pictures and videos of him riding this rig, and another set up that has poles built into the boards that doesn’t require the rider to click into bindings.

He mostly rides these skis around Costa Rica, of all places, but has shown some clips of him hitting the streets of Portland and other spots across the West.

Here’s a clip of the other rig:

I’ve asked myself many times over why somebody hasn’t figured out a way to ride downhill skis in the summer, but it looks like Mark Slagter might have finally figured it out.

You obviously couldn’t bomb a hill going 40 mph+ and come to a screeching halt like you can on downhill snow skis, but it could be a really fun way to work on your carving skills and get some turns in the summer months.

I couldn’t find any info from his page whether he plans on selling these devices, but you can bet I’m having one shipped to my home the moment they’re available for purchase. So cool.

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