Here’s something that will probably end up on Jerry of The Day: Professional Snowboarder and former Olympian Trevor Jacob recalled the time when he dangled from a chairlift for a couple of minutes. When he was sixteen, Trevor was at Big Bears terrain park in California. Noticing that one jump was extremely close to the lift line, Trevor hit the jump to attempt to touch one of the chairs passing by. He hit the jump, and then got stuck on one of the chairs after realizing how high up the chairs were. He hung on for minutes, and at one point, the chairlift even stopped, leading Trevor to hang on for dear life. Somehow, Trevor was able to make it to a safe spot to drop off without hurting any part of his body, except for his numb arms that were aching from grasping onto the chair for a long period.

To his credit, he does own up to his stupidity, which he claims to be due to him being a teenager at the time. Some of his claims though are clearly exaggerated: He says he was fifty to seventy feet off the ground when it only looked like fifteen to twenty feet maximum. Also, he races away from ski patrol following the whole event. To his defense though, building a jump that can directly touch passing chairs is not smart on the park crew’s part. Regardless, it’s a great story to tell at parties. Check out Trevor’s Youtube page for more of his wild adventures.
Image Credits: Trevor Jacob

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