Husband And (Very Scared) Wife Navigate Down Notorious Black Bear Road in  Telluride, Colorado | Unofficial Networks

A tragic accident on Black Bear Pass near Telluride nearly turned into a multiple vehicle accident as you can see by the harrowing dash cam footage below.

The red Jeep Wrangler was parked but somehow rolled off the road with a woman and her two dogs inside. All three were ejected, and the woman sustained serious injuries.

This incident happened a few months ago, and a GoFundMe for the victim was created to raise money for the victim’s medical bills related to the incident.

Suzie Rhodes suffered a severe spinal chord injury. You can still help by donating to the GoFundMe if you’re willing and able to.

First, thank goodness nobody was killed.

Second, thank goodness the pups were okay.

A witness to the incident found one of the dogs days after the accident in the video below.

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